Product Selector Guides


High Voltage Analog Multiplexer / Switch ICs

Ultrasound MOSFETs, Arrays and Drivers

Ultrasound Transmitters

Ultrasound T/R Switch ICs

LED Driver ICs

LED Driver ICs

EL Driver ICs

High Voltage (EL) Electroluminescent Backlight Driver ICs

Specialty ICs

Lens Driver, Digital Audio MOSFET Driver, High-Side Current Monitor, Relay Driver, Fan Controller ICs, and Fault Protection ICs

Telecommunication ICs

Electronic Line Switch, Ring Generator, and Hotswap Controller ICs / Inrush Current Limiters / Circuit Breaker ICs, MEMS Drivers

Power Management

Inductorless Off-Line Regulator ICs / Linear Regulator ICs

Switchmode PWM Controller ICs

Interface/Driver ICs

High Voltage Interface/Driver ICs


Depletion Mode MOSFETs

N-Channel Enhancement Mode MOSFETs

P-Channel Enhancement Mode MOSFETs

MOSFET Arrays, Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistors (IGBTs)

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