Application/Design Notes

  Low-Threshold MOSFETs: Structure, Performance and Applications
  Battery Back-Up Utilizing Low Threshold MOSFETs
  LND150: Off-Line Compact Universal Linear Regulator
  LND150: ±500 Volt Protection Circuit
  LND1 Series: High Voltage Ramp Generator
  LP07 Series: Low Dropout 3.0 Volt Linear Regulator
  Understanding MOSFET Data
  LND1 Series: Constant Current Sources and Depletion-Mode FETs
  LND1 Series: High Voltage Off-Line Linear Regulator
  DN25 Series: Constant Current Sources and Depletion-Mode FETs
  LND1 Series: Efficient Switchmode Power Supply Start-Up Circuit
  HT04 Series: High Voltage Isolated MOSFET Driver
  DMOS Devices for Telecommunications
  DN25 Series: Off-Line 5.0V Output Non-Isolated Linear Regulator
  Depletion-Mode MOSFET: The Forgotten FET
  Basics of EL Panel Drive Techniques
  HV91 Series: Designing High-Performance Flyback Converters with the HV9110 and HV9120
  HVCMOS Drivers for Non-Impact Printing
  Calculating Power Dissipation and Supply Current in HV91 Series Parts
  Customizing the Linear Circuitry Response of HV91 Family PWM ICs via the Bias Resistor
  Avoiding Turn-on Oscillations in HV91 Family PWM ICs
  Expected Voltages and Waveforms from an HV9120-Controlled Flyback Converter
  HT0638: Electronic Line Switch
  HV823 & HV825 EL Lamp Driver Circuits (Please fill out EL Lamp Driver Requirements Questionnaire)
  HV809: EL Lamp Driver for Battery Powered and Off-line Equipment
  HV440: High Voltage Ring Generator
  HT18 and HT19 for Electronic Line Switch
  High Voltage Linear Regulator and Constant Current Sources Using LR8/LR12
  HV430: 105 Volt RMS Ring Generator
  HV857: EL Lamp Driver Circuits for Low Audible Noise or High Brightness Applications
  HV833: EL Lamp Driver Circuits
  HV831: Dual EL Lamp Driver Circuits
  HV9910B: Buck-based LED Driver
  HV9910B: Constant, Off-time, Buck-based LED Driver
  AT9933Designing a Boost-Buck converter with the HV9930
  HV9931: Unity Power Factor LED Driver
  MD1210: High Voltage Pulser Circuits
  MD1810 and MD1811: Quad MOSFET Drivers for High Resolution Imaging
  HV9911: Switch-mode LED Driver IC with High Current Accuracy
  Designing An Ultrasound Pulser with MD1812/MD1813 Composite Drivers
  Improving the Efficiency of a HV9930/AT9933 Boost-Buck Converter
  High Voltage DC/DC Converter for Supertex Ultrasound Transmitter Demoboards
  Designing a Four-Channel, Return-to-Zero, Ultrasound Pulser Using Supertex HV7370 & HV748 ICs
  HV857 EL Lamp Driver Circuits
  Compatibility and Functional Differences between the HV9961 and HV9910B LED Drivers
  SR10: Synchronous CCSS Regulator
  HV9910B: Isolated LED Driver
  HV9922: Isolated Constant Power Converter
  Alternate Use of HV9922 as Off-line Non-Isolated 50mA to 100mA Auxiliary Power Supply
  Charting a HV9931 Driver Design
  HV9931: 56W Off-line LED Driver
  HV9931: 14W Off-line LED Driver
  HV461: 15 REN Ring Generator


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